Ultraman X coming in July?


With Tsuburaya already announcing an Ultraman X movie, it tells me they seem to have a lot of faith in it. Makes me wonder how its performing. The only relevant info I can find at this point is that its currently the 2nd most popular live action simulcast on Crunchyroll, behind only the heavily hyped Death Note J-drama.

Hopefully this film will do better than the Ultraman Ginga S movie or Ultraman Saga did, Ultraman X is pretty rad so far.


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Tsuburaya has uploaded episode 1 and 2 raw on their youtube channel.

The preview video uploaded for episode 3 has director's comment attached

Edit:Omg! The actor for Captain Kamiki, Kamio Yu, played Dr.Maki in KR OOO!
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How bad was it?

weak writing. like there was no proper intro, no background explanation of the new character Alena (other than a very vague flashback scene) and a "that's it?" ending. plot wise was very Sentai/Kamen Rider clichéd. the Ginga S cast members did nothing much. the Heisei Ultramen were basically just there for no reason other than being shown captured and suddenly overwhelming their respective arch nemesis without breaking a sweat once they were released. the new Ginga Victory upgrade wasn't even something to be excited about. it was just Hikaru getting a slightly modified version of his old brace from Tarou. Zero was about the only good thing in the movie.



Basically what I thought about the "movie". I can't believe I'm saying this but recent Kamen Rider movies are better. Ultraman movies are usually pretty high quality. See Revenge of Belial, Mebius and Ultra Brothers, Final Odyssey etc.
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Ginga S is many times better than Ginga. I would say one of the best Ultraman series too.

I second that. it's unfair to assume Ginga S is also bad because of the mess they did in Ginga. I was immediately interested the moment they announced the series info and I think that was when Tsuburaya finally knew what to do with the franchise. it's just so happens that the Ginga S movie didn't live up to the amazing things they've done in the series.
I'm just saying that Ginga is what happens if Kuuga and Decade fused together….. And churns out s***.

Perhaps I'll give S a chance…. If I can find it.


The Ginga S show wasn't that bad. The "movies", however, were disappointing.

Recent scans also shows...

That Zero will make a special appearance in a future episode. X will gain Zero's powers in that episode.

I hope this means more past Ultramen and their respective actors can show up to "pass the torch" to X.
Ginga S wasn't AS terrible as Ginga but the writing in most of the episodes I saw was pretty mediocre at best. Definitely not one of the best entries in the franchise. Lord no.


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I like the fact that Tsuburaya is going for a shorter series length. that means a possibility of no fillers and constant plot advancement. I don't get why people are demanding for 50 episodes. now if only they could do better with the movies...

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