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I actually don't know anything about Final Odyssey as I didn't even learn about it until last year.

Also, I guess it's the next TWO weeks that are clipshows, which is such a crock of **** no matter what their excuse is. There's not even a plot yet to warrant making clipshows. They should have just started the show later. I'd rather have no content that a lousy clipshow. They have no reason to exist in the age of streaming and DVR.

Anyway, I forgot to mention things I hated about this episode. First off, the reuse of Gubila. I hate this monster to death and I'm so sick of seeing it appear in every Ultra show. There are plenty of Tiga monsters that have never shown up since their one episode in Tiga, USE THEM! GUTS Select is getting close to TAC levels of incompetence based on how they all reacted to Not Basco. The dude infiltrated their bases twice and then when they had him surrounded they ALL turned their attention to the computer screen instead of keeping an eye on him. WTF? The camera work was nothing special this wee either. Also, Not Basco's Team Rocket scene was embarassing.


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I decided not to watch the live stream of this since it's just a clipshow and I was already tired by that time and just watched it now.

As much as we complain about clipshows, I've noticed comments of the special episode saying things like "Recaps like this makes me want to watch all Ultraman seasons." So it seems some people are getting something out of it.


Dr Kain

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And apparently they're advertising next week's fucker as showing off Trigger's most epic battles, but he hasn't even had time to have any epic battles. -_-


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I'm sure more than a few people guessed what Akito's issue withe monster this episode was when the saw the preview the week before. Granted that problem was predictable but it was still an interesting episode. And is it me or did it look like the strong dark giant,can't remember his name ATM, find a new worty opponent?

And just to talk about theclip shows breifly I'm surprised they skipped over Orb and Geed completely. i can see why when it came to the special teams but you think they had a form when comparing the various forms to Trigger's

Dr Kain

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I actually figured Akito's parents died by a monster back in like episode 2 considering he was living with the commander.

This past episode was really bad because it was down right boring. Death Drago should not have died. This should have been an ongoing plot to further develop Akito over the course of the series.

Daggorn has lost all credibility as a villain by getting ***** slapped by Yuna. What is it with all of these shows having their villains get smacked by the powerless female lead? He joins the ranks of Igor from Ghost and the Spider Fangire, and of course, this means he is now going to be in love with Yuna and protect her. -_-

The rest of GUTS Select is absolutely useless.

Oh, and now I'm all kinds of confused on the timeline since they said Death Drago was the first monster to appear ever, which was 6 years ago. How is that possible if in Episode 1 they said Golza and Melba attacked over 20 years ago? God the writing of this show is already falling apart.

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