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--SOLVED-- It's Jumborg Ace. Thanks to Aoi Kurenai for pointing it out.

I'm trying to locate the series name of an older 70's ultraman series.
My son has been watching it but it's all in Chinese.
The main dude flies around in a small red prop plane most of the time and then transforms himself and the plane into ultraman.
His got hair down to his shoulders.
It's fairly good, alot better than the later stuff he watched, the main guy actually hits kids and gets into physical fights with other dudes.
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It was Chinese dubbed. As in the main character has got long hair.
When he transforms you see him inside ultraman hooked up to wires kicking and punching the crap outta anything in his way,
When he re materializes you see him in his little plane again.

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[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVmw41_fW2c"]YouTube - SPEZZONI - Jumborg Ace (1977)[/ame]
Thanks man, that's it.
Dodgy Chinese DVD's. Here is a photo of the DVD in question. I showed it to my friends and they all said "ultraman" but they said it didn't say anything else about what series or anything.
Here's a link to the DVD that I took a photo of.

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