Ultraman Retsuden - Ultraman Biography show


Guys, what's this? Seems to be a new Ultraman series coming...
BTW, got this from Facebook.


Known info:

Ultraman Retsuden is a series of biographies of previous Ultramen in the series. The show is going to explain the mysteries of some Ultra Warriors and monsters, which basically targets newer audiences and fans. And hopefully, they would end up making a new series after this.


Ultraman Retsuden stars Ultraman Zero, the new Ultra Hero, as the navigator of this show. He'll take you through the 45 years history of Ultraman. It will be a special compilation of the various Ultra Heroes and monsters.

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Ultraman Retsuden.

Retsuden means series of biographies. Seems like they are just going to explain the mysteries of some Ultra Warriors and monsters. Every Wednesday, 18:00 starting June 6.

Aoi Kurenai

Mad Skillz
Man, I'm still hoping we get some sort of actual new series this year that actually introduces a new Ultraman or something. It's been way too long since we had Mebius.


Making a bio series like this reviewing all the past Ultra series just screams them making another series.
So is this going to be a fairly lame stock footage series or a fairly awesometastic series of original adventures featuring past heroes and monsters? I'm assuming the former.

EDIT: I talked to August Ragone on the matter and he speculates that its half-hour runtime may indicate an original, dramatic production as opposed to a simple clips-show - something like a more Ultraman-centric spin on the Ultra Galaxy concept only likely to have much higher production values as this is airing on TV Tokyo and six national networks. Again, this is all speculation so don't start thinking that this is definitely what we're getting. However, if it is it ought to be cool as hell.
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That would be pretty darn awesome, but I'd image Tsuburaya would be trying to promote it a little more if it were a brand new show (especially so close to its start date). I'd be surprised if it turns out to be anything more than a panel of random Japanese people looking at clips of past shows. The one thing that sort of makes me think it might be something more than a clip show is that the time slot seems to be rather prime time. (6 PM? Yeah.) But I guess that also might depend on the channel it'll air on, TBS seems to have that block taken by another show.

Part of me hopes it would be something cool like Ultraman Story 0 where every few episodes focuses on a certain character before jumping to a different story.
Yeah, that Ultraman Story 0 approach is kind of what I was hoping for too. Also sort of like Sonic Universe or classic Doctor Who.

I guess right now all we can do is wait for more info and hope.


It is official now at Tsuburaya website



TV Classic picks as well as famous Ultra Hero, the lineup includes such popular monsters that appeared one after another, series broadcast weekly..


Groan....really want to be optimistic, but there's been too many disappointments on the TV show front to think this will be anything other than a feeble nostalgic rehash. The same old footage ("never before re-edited in this order!") from a struggling company desperate for cash.
Only hope is, if the ratings are decent, some network might take a chance on a genuinely new Ultra series.
Fingers crossed.


min snopp är gul
Ultraman Zero, the new Ultra Hero, will be the navigator of this show. He'll take you through the 45 years history of Ultraman. It will be a special compilation of the various Ultra Heroes and monsters.

Hiroshi Nagano, Takeshi Tsuruno, Takeshi Yoshioka, Taiyo Sugiura and many more will guest star.

More in-depth info is supposed to be out next month.

Aoi Kurenai

Mad Skillz
So, yeah, basically glorified clip show, great.

Though I find it amusing that Zero's had so much screen time and yet hasn't had a series at all.

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