Ultraman Ginga S - News/Rumors Thread


レイモン (雷蒙)

First good Ultra(if he is considered to be) to have a black hands and shoes & half nearly covered with black featured.


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Well he looks different... I honestly like Ginga's design more. Victory's color scheme is very different from the traditional Ultraman colors. No blue at all, except for the timer.


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I like the look of Victory. Its been a while sinve we've seen a radical departure from the base Ultraman design.

Although I wishe they would have made the eyes Ultraseven-styled. Would fit for the more geometrical look better.

As for Koichi Sakamoto... I hope the studio keeps an extremely tight leash on him and not have his input on any of the female characters...


I'm not sold on the design. Maybe once I see it in action I'll start liking it.

Koichi Sakamoto's involvement bodes well for the action, so that'll be something to look forward to.

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Black is a very interesting color for an Ultraman. Since we're more used to seeing them either red or blue. But it's still good that they're trying something different.

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Recent toy scans reveal Victory's powers, he seems to assimilate different monster powers like EX Red Kings fists and Gudons whips.


Sounds like his monster powers will be more useful than Ginga's application of them where he mainly used those to buy time until the Ginga doll appears, at least from what I remember.


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This might be just me, but everytime I look at Victory's helmet, I think of the Clickers from The Last of Us.
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Ok, apparently Ginga S/Victory will have a special investigation team called the UPG, with Hikaru and Tomoya as members.