Ultra Galaxy Fight the Destined Crossroads.

sc ikaiju

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Like Dr. Kain my account disappeared as well, finally decided to rejoin although i messed up my name. Outside of that it looks like Tysuburya is finally uploading the episodes to their youtube channel. I watched the first couple of chapters so far, it's a bit slow going so far but I'm assuming things will start to pick up sooner rather than later. Although having Z/earth, Nice and Boy be the comedy trleaf makes sense but seems weird at the same time.

Dr Kain

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Oh, they're actually uploading them for free now? Cool. Hopefully the story actually goes somewhere compared to Conspiracy.

Sucks about your account disappearing too. I have no idea why it is doing that.

sc ikaiju

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And it's over. Over all I'll say it was a fun ride over all, but unfortunately it looks like it was act 2 ov the over all story. I'm down for it but, and I don't reme,ber if I said this after the Absolute Conspiracy or not, it would have been nice to know this was a long term story telling style thing before now. Of course now I'm wondering if the events here takes place during Trigger, or there was some wibbly wobbily timey whimey things going, since gthe end here tiers into the two part team up with Ribut that Trigger had.Apparently Zero isn't the only one who can get a new form with Z getting the Deathcium Rise Claws. (Granted it's just Delta Rise Claw but black, Ultimate Shining Zero is just Ultimate Zero but... well... shiney. Also I might be wrong but this also had the most character stuff for Astra that they ever had. Over all I did enjoy how they're tiyng in all the different universes, and seeing things like the Devil Splinters first mentioned in Z finally get some air time. Since originally airing on Tysuburya's Imagination zstreming service, being on youtube means they'll air Regulos on there as well before too long.


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Of course now I'm wondering if the events here takes place during Trigger, or there was some wibbly wobbily timey whimey things going

These "in between" shows do tend to be very rooted in their time of release. When this was released on Tsuburaya Imagination, the most recent main series was Z, and Trigger started about a week after this ended.

So of course, as the most recent Ultra at that point, Z gets a prominent appearance and a new form, the beliarok sword was shown off, and Geed used the form he obtained during his appearance in Z's show.

I do think it lessened the ending for me to know what happens in the crossover episodes of Trigger. They make such a big deal of Ribut being lost in time and space, as if it's this big dramatic cliffhanger. But we know he just bumps into Trigger and teaches him a dance routine.

As always with these, the fights and the guest spotlights on older or more obscure Ultras is fun, but the story itself ends up being nothing to write home about. For all they tried to hype up Regulos, he's just some old buddy of Leo's that needed to be rescued. I heard his upcoming special is only 18 minutes long, so it's not as if they are laying more ground work for something epic.

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