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When film is concerned, there are only two tales of the Dark Crystal: the original 1982 film, and the prequel TV series that Netflix graciously let happen but then annoyingly killed after one season. When you throw comics into the mix, though…there’s suddenly a lot more. Boom Studios and their subsidiary Archaia have been publishing Dark Crystal stories for years, from prequels to sequels to areas in between. Now they’re giving up the license, but not without printing one giant, massive, hardcover collection of all the work they ever did in Thra.
The Dark Crystal 40th Anniversary Library celebrates the birthday of Jim Henson’s fantasy creation with SEVEN volumes of material. The collection is now wrapping up its Kickstarter campaign, with less than 72 hours to go as of this writing. This complete collection consists of five...

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I am still Bitter when Netflix canceled this show. I would like them to adapt the would be scripts that would have been the plot of the TV seasons that got canceled by Netflix.


I am interested in this but $350 without shipping cost is a lot more so it will be hard to grab a copy so I will wait for sometime to see if I can grab at discount after some time.

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