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Am I just supposed to give a Sentai show a glaring review just because? It isn't my fault I found Kyuranger to be shittastic. It's horrible writing. Toei had nearly 15 years of solid shows with very few misfires. And even then, their misfires still had something solid in them to make them worth repeated viewings (like Ohranger). These days, all they do is play it safe as if they don't even know how to leave a safe zone anymore. Hell, at this point, I actually feel like Go-Busters may be the best Post-Gokaiger series. For all of the negatives I had with it, it tried to be something different. It tried new things. It may not have always worked, but at least it tried.

Zyuohger had its issues, but it had a solid ranger cast, all of the rangers got development, it's just that the villains were so boring.

Back to Kyuranger, I wanted to drop it around episode 20, but none of my friends did as they were still loving the show at that time. We normally watch the newest shows as a group on Thursdays. The only exceptions are the premiers and finales as I'm too impatient to wait. :)


Overall I enjoyed Kyuranger. The strongest parts was episode 1 up to Sapda's baseball episode. Once baseball episode came around, the series got a bit boring for me. I liked the fact that Toei tried something completely out of left field for a Sentai. The core team had 9 freakin' rangers! It took place on other planets! Although it was disappointing to have Earth basically being the main settling for the show, wished they went more Star Trekkie on the locations.

One nitpick I have was just the lack of development for some the Rangers. Raptor, Spada, Garu, Hammy and Champ all should of had more focus episodes. But this is what happens when you have a large cast. Just like with Gokaiger, so much stuff is happening and with the Legend Rangers returning, we didn't get enough time to focus on the main cast.

I commend Toei for the effort and trying new things, just like with the 2018 Sentai Lupin vs Pato.
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May 6, 2010
So, is there going to be a topic for the KyuRanger series as a whole, or do we just talk about it here?

Either way, I enjoyed this finale! I love how they stretched that ending into the biggest fight they could give us! Way better than an anti-climatic ending where it just comes to a dead stop because final episode. This actually makes it feel like they earned their ultimate victory. Go big or go home, that's what I've been saying as of lately. And props to all the suit actors for giving us all those action scenes. It's hard enough for half to rangers to be always be in some kind of suit, but this? Well done! Now take a rest, suit actors (or at least the majority of you). I have a feeling LupinRanger VS PatRanger is going to be a bit more back-to-basics instead of Toei trying to jam in as much as humanly possible into the main cast, villain cast, and supporting cast.

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Let's hope so.

I do agree about giving praise to the suit actors and stuntmen.