Uchū Sentai Kyuranger, Space 47: "A Promise Between Saviors"

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This week: The long night before the big battle, Spada's roll call sound like he's just got caught in his fly, one by one everyone falls, Lucky scales to new heights of insane plans, and Don Armage gets an upgrade that's really old-school looking (plus I think that ouroboros weighs less than those giant wings, which will be handy for next week's fight scene).

Oh and if you know which show the gif at the top is from, I salute you!

Dr Kain

All I was expecting to see at the beginning when the different rangers were talking were things like, "Hey, remember me kids? The writers didn't," and other stuff like that.

Only one episode to go of this crap.

Dr Kain

Finale spoilers:

Good god was that a terrible finale. For one thing, how many times did they need to blow Don Armage up before he was actually dead? The battle just kept going, but instead of being an actual fight, it was just pretty explosions galore. Why did the mech fight even exist? All they did was clash Kamehamehas until Armage blew up. There was absolutely no point to that fight at all. Couldn't they have at least did some hand to hand combat BEFORE giving us the Daft Punk concert? It was Heisei Godzilla battles all over again.

Then we have the epilogue, which was hard to enjoy because of the kyutama globe in the corner with the dancing rangers. Was that really necessary? Kids have been watched this show for a year now, I think if they know the dance by now they don't need to be shown it. And if they don't, well it's not going to matter after this week anyway.

Next up, when the hell did Sparda and Raptor suddenly fall in love with each other? That just came out of no where last week. I don't recall any episode that developed feelings between those two. All I remember is way back when with Sparda encouraging Raptor for her fanfiction stories. That was it. Nothing at all that hinted he had a thing for mechanical vaginas.

Good riddance to this show! It had so much potential and it squandered it all by playing everything safe. No ranger was ever in danger of actually being killed because they all had their characters shields up to the max. Also, this show was too afraid of its own premise. It had 12 heroes, but made the exact same mistakes Gransazer made 14 years ago by only focusing on four of them, and leaving everyone else to the way side. I won't even get into Lucky, who is the love child of Ban and Daigo. He has the obnoxious loud mouth that Ban had combined with the invincible armor that made Daigo Mr Perfect. UGH!!!! I didn't think red rangers could descend any further than they already had. When are we going to get some real red rangers again? Someone like Ryo or Matsui?

Should I even waste my time typing up anything about the villains? They were pretty much non-existent. It was like after they killed off Stinger's brother they stopped caring about them. Half of the time it seemed like one was just another Death Worm, another giant mech, or a robot cow clone. Why did they even bother having this plot twist about Champ's creator when they didn't even do anything with him? Hell, Champ didn't even have any response to the man being blown up in episode 45. It was like he didn't even know that was his creator.

Powers Rangers in Space did the whole "rangers traveling across the universe to stop evil" far better than this show. The acting and stories might not have been the best, but at least it tried and actually developed their characters, especially the villains. Kyuranger did nothing but try to make a toy sale rather than tell anything competent. Hell, I feel like Kyuranger has devolved Sentai by 30 years. I might not enjoy the series from the 80s all that much, but at least they tried not to play things safe even if they would fail at times.

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