Uchū Sentai Kyuranger, Space 19: "Emergency Dispatch! Space Heroes"

Toku Prime

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This week: Plastic surgery for monsters, teasing a Spada focus episode, tsundere forest-dwellers, Lucky's solar mode powers up Balance AND Naga, and Stinger's out to lose those Kyutama so the new guy can get them for revenge.

Edit: yes I did copy/paste the thread title and forget to change the episode name. Let's see if anyone notices...

Dr Kain

Good god, we watched episodes 19-21 tonight and they were terrible. Not only did they pretty much forget about Stinger by the halfway point of episode 21, but they wasted the only worthwhile villain this show may have had. And now we have some lame Cousin It love child lf Magi Red and Shinken Red that doesn't understand the concept of clothing who is acting all big and bad and will probably end up getting his ass handed to him in the next episode, making him realize how he needs to work as a team. UGH!