Uchū Sentai Kyuranger, Space 05: "The Nine Ultimate Saviors"

Toku Prime

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Just promise me you won't be as batshit crazy as my last little brother.

This week: two little kids who seem like they might be very important if you've seen spoilers concerning future rangers, some Stinger backstory, curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal! and double the KyurenOh double the fun.
Welp, I'm done with this show. Gave it five episodes, and I don't see any evidence that future episodes will build any faith back in. It's like the show is systematically trying to remove anything that could possibly make it interesting in any sort of way.

-Why promise us interplanetary travel for the first few episodes then lock us down on planet Earth (and specifically Japan) for the foreseeable future?

-Why is Lucky talking as if he's the leader by deciding that the Kyurangers should start with Earth? I thought we kinda already established that Earth was going to be their first big target last episode, and not by Lucky?

-So much for Stinger being interesting. Instead of going through a character arc of siding with, then trusting, the Kyurangers (especially Champ), let's go ahead and establish that he was on their side this whole entire time. Because we just can't have morally interesting characters in this damned show. Fucking YAWN.

-Why make a show with the main selling point of featuring NINE Rangers....and then have Red be the sole focus again? Like, what is even the point if almost half of your characters aren't going to do jack **** in a given episode? But sure, give Lucky (a Red Ranger that makes me miss fucking Daigo of all people) all the screentime and forms in the world. This show should be an ensemble with a cast this size, not another damned "Red is best person ever" series. We're five episodes in and we still know absolutely NOTHING about Hammy or Spada. The only characters who have had any sort of consistent and interesting development have been Raptor-283 and Champ. Naga, Garu, and Balance started off well, but they've been glorified background characters ever since they were introduced. And again, this episode single-handedly erased any chance of Stinger being interesting.

I haven't dropped a weekly Sentai since Goseiger, although I did pick that one back up eventually and grew to like it in the end. This show? It needs to do a complete 180 during its run or I am never going to watch another episode of this infinitely disappointing series. I am not spending an entire year on yet another Sentai that has no interest in being worth watching.

Dr Kain

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I won't be jumping ship, but I totally agree. The entire cast has been gathered by plot convenience and they haven't bother to develop any of them whatsoever. I also can not stand Lucky and if they don't tone him down I'm not sure I can deal with another Ban/Daigo.