Twisted Metal Mash-Up '012

There are certain people that have entered the Twisted Metal contest. A competition to gain the glorious
Dragonballs that'll grant the winner any wish they desire (no matter how rare, costly or impossible it would be).

They can't use their internal and external special abilities during the tournament, the contestants will gain the knowledge, skills and experience of a pirate ship captain and combatant, their allies, armies or whoever can help them out, whenever a ship is destroyed the captain and his crew would automatically be transported back to where from with no recollection of TM, everything during it, the other competitors, the Dragonballs and The Grandmaster himself, the contesters can use pirate themed weapons that are based on their tech, magic or anything else, the contest will take place in the One Piece Universe, TM contesters will have to be tight-lipped about the contest at all times, the games will begin in abandoned locations, the competitors can't team up with other drivers, civilians and their rivals, players can't kill other combatants, their own crew members, other crew members from other ships and civilians, no PIS/CIS and finally, no toonforcing.

The players that'll enter Twisted Metal are....

Jason Voorhees (after Friday the 13th Part 1) - Would want his mother back from the dead.

Red (after "Vendetta") - Wants to go back in time and kill Mike Chilton before he commanded his troops to tear down the old building where he used to live. His home.

Alexander Paine (after "A Paine By Any Other Name Part 2") - More than anything, Paine just want his pain (no pun intended) and suffering to end. By competing in The Grandmaster's tournament, the criminal mastermind will get his wish.

Cletus Kasady (during "Venom Returns") - The guy just wants to kill people.

Haggis McHaggis (during "Hard Times for Haggis") - The scotsman wants to be on the big top again.

Zuko (after "The Avatar State") - When Grandmaster tempted the young Fire Nation prince to go forth on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reclaim his honor, the throne and his father's love, Zuko, though somewhat hesitant at the immortal's promise, eventually accepted his offer.

Astronema (before "The Secret of the Locket") - Wants to remember everything that happened during her childhood.

Kaze no Shizuka (before Juuken Sentai Gekiranger VS Boukenger aka Jūken Sentai Gekirenjā tai Bōkenjā) - Shizuka of the Wind wants to claim the world's most rarest and oldest Precious around.

Demona (before "The Mirror") - She wants all the humans gone.

Adrena Lynn (during "All The News") - Adrena Lynn desires to be able to do the most extreme, the most fr-EAKY stunts ever.

Mary Dahl/Baby-Doll (after "Love is a Croc") - The ex-actress is competing for her wish to have someone, ANYONE, to love and love her back.

Justine Cooper (during "Benediction") - Cooper wishes for all vampires to be nothing, but dust.

Note: This scenario is sorta based on Twisted Metal '012, Marvel character Grandmaster
is now the host of a pirate themed TM competition, the bosses in this contest
will consist of DC Comics' Pre-Crisis Captain Stingaree, Disney's Captain Hook,
Marvel Comics' Conan, Soul Calibur's Maxi and The Wind Waker's Tetra (all
five will have their own crew w/ them, use their standard pirate-themed
weapons and whether they win or lose the battles, the bosses and their
crews will be transported back to their worlds safe and sound with no
memories of Grandmaster and their time in the One Piece 'verse) and
the final boss will be Mortal Kombat 2012's Kano who you'll sword fight
in an deserted island where the Dragonballs are (which are smack dapped
near a tropical tree). And no, Kano won't use his attacks on competitors.
He'll only sword fights them. Both him and any contester in that battle
won't have any less sword fighting experience and knowledge. If the
competitor wins, he or she will have the DBs. But, if Kano wins, he'll
have the DBs. BTW, the Dragonballs here are the Kami made ones.
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