Turning Red, First Pixar film set in Canada

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Turning Red is an upcoming Pixar film about a young Chinese-Canadian girl  who experience a Puberty like no other. Mei-lee (Rosalie Chiang) was the typical teenage girl. She loves to hang out with her friends and fangirl to boybands.  She also experiences pressure because she has the typical strict mom (Sandra Oh) with high expectations. Despite that, she loves social life and she is excited for the new school year. Little did she know, her family has an ancient secret. Her family has a connection with Red Pandas.
It could be a curse but it could also be a blessing but she hates it. She doesn’t want to turn into a giant orange relative of the raccoon. Whenever she gets excited or feels intense emotions, she is turning red. She turns into a Red Panda. At first, she...

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