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Check it out — we have a brand new screenshot from the Snyder Cut of Justice League!

Oh…..whoa. Wow! We hear he was taking the film in a new direction, but we had no idea he meant…..
…wait, what? Never mind.
Turns out these are actually Tubbz figures, which are collectibles that reimagine your favorite characters as rubber duckies. Tubbz is dipping into the DC license and duck-ifying Wonder Woman and Aquaman. They’re based on the movie versions and come resting in little tubs with the respective Wonder Woman and Aquaman movie logos on them. Tubbz stack on top of each other, making collections easy to display especially in tight spaces.

Known as Wonder Woman, Diana Prince and now duck, she is a 70s icon. You’ll easily recognize her, there’s no mistaking that costume – headband is in place, she’s holding the Lasso of Truth and more than ready for...
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