Tsurikichi Sampei Manga Creator Takao Yaguchi Passes Away at 81

Formally known as Bennu
Dec 18, 2016
The Manga industry lost a legend.


On November 20th, Takao Yaguchi, author of Tsurikichi Sampei (Fisherman Sanpei) died in his sleep after his battle with Pancreatic Cancer, he was 81. This was announced by his second daughter Karou Yaguchi on his twitter account.

Translation (using Google Translate)
This is Kaoru, the second daughter of Yaguchi.

My father, Takao Yaguchi, died in his sleep on November 20th while his family watched over him. Pancreatic cancer was discovered in May this year, and we have been fighting the disease for about half a year. It must have been very painful, but I did my best without showing tears. He was a good father until the end. Thank you daddy. And thank you.

The Anime version was a popular anime running for 81 episodes from 1980 to 1982 and was also popular in Italy and the Arabic speaking regions.

I got to see the anime through the Arabic dub that was released under the title El Siad El Sakheer (The Young Fisherman).

Rest In Peace Yaguchi-san.