Trunks and Goten are now teenagers in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The last time we see them this grown was in GT which is not canon.
At the online event Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2022, the people behind the movie revealed some clips from the film. This will be the first CGI Dragon Ball film but it maintains the hand-drawn  Anime aesthetics thanks to the cell-shaded art style they used. The two-day event is around 6 hours long so to save you from enduring that, here is the fresh footage that matters.
Trunks and Goten with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero  footage

If you have the patience to watch a 6-hour Event, Here is the whole spectacle with no cuts.

Son Gohan will be the main character of this film. After getting the Battle Shounen girl treatment, Gohan won’t be behind the shadow of...

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Scoopin Ice Cream since Demogorgons invade Hawkins
Red Ribbon army members always getting named after colors. Anyone who notice the fingers of Trunks and Goten are not perfectly aligned. So that Means Fat Gotenks will be back! The Gammas are underwhelming looking. Crossing my fingers that we have other villains aside from those bland generic looking Androids. Pan Looks like Videl, I hope we will get to see her having a Super Saiyan form. We already have Saiyan girls in the series. So let Goku's granddaughter go blond too!


Monster of the Week
Their Fat Gotenks Fusion will also appear on the movie! I had seen some leaks on Twitter!