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True Lies , That 1994 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis is making a comeback. Now it is going to have a new life as a TV show.That action comedy film made $378.9 million.  Before fans throw their pitchforks about Hollywood remaking everything. The True Lies you know and love is a remake of the French film La Totale!.
The Original Synopses of the movie is about a Secretary who didn’t know her Husband is secretly a Government anti-terrorism agent. All she knows is that he is a boring Computer salesman. James Cameron who directed the True Lies, Titanic,Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Avatar executive...

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They better redo the Tango Scene and the Striptease scenes, Those are my favorite moments from the movie. This is the movie that made me love Jamie Lee Curtis.


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True Lies as a movie was fun and very entertaining. I especially like the scenes that were filmed in Florida. True Lies as a TV series? UUhhh ... the movie wasn't that good. I don't expect much from the TV series. In other words, NOT on my watch list.