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True Crime Documentaries are like cautionary tales that warn us about our dangers. I didn’t include some of them in the list, but you can still read about them, Just click their titles, and you can read them. Dishonorable Mentions: Our Father, Tiger King, and The Kingmaker.
True Crime Documentaries that will disturb you.
Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey

Warren Jeffs founded a polygamous sect of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a self-professed prophet. They are not the friendly multilingual Mormons that knock on your door and invite you to be a Mormon. This cult is a Mormon sect that allows men to have as many wives as possible. This documentary will give you a detailed story...

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Don't F with Cats made me lose sleep. It is disturbing beyond repair.
Serial killers are the reason why I decided to learn martial arts. So I can make sure I can protect myself when I walk alone at night,

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I grew up in a cult but not as severe as that church from Keep Sweet. My former religion is strict but no Polygamy. The only thing I hate is going to church have attendance and if you miss church, You will talk to the pastor. Oh the Admin of the Church also chooses who people should vote for during elections and they always vote for the worst.


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Keep Sweet Makes me more less religious. That guy is using his power in the church to marry underage girls. Disgusting!


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Netflix also have a documentary about the evil corporation Cambridge Analytica. That company spreads fake news to spread misinformation.

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