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Yasuhiro Nightow’s space western Trigun is being rounded up for another showdown (or some kind of Wild West talk like that). A new series was just announced for a 2023 premiere, and Crunchyroll has the US rights.
Trigun was first animated in the 1998 series of the same name that ran for 26 episodes. The series premiered in the US on Adult Swim in 2003. It sounds like Trigun Stampede will be another adaption of the same story — but this time, it’ll be in 3D. Studio Orange, who specializes in CG animation, is bringing the story to life this time.
Trigun takes place on the planet of No Man’s Land and revolves around Vash the Stampede, one of the most notorious and dreaded gunslingers in the world. Here’s the thing, though — Vash is a total pacifist who never means to hurt anyone. He just has this habit of causing a calamity wherever he goes. Every bounty hunter within a 5,000-mine radius is after him, but Vash won’t let that fact stop him from his mission — to stop his estranged...

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I'm really excited about how many old anime fans have come out in response to this announcement. I think this will be good if the CGI isn't too bad. The original, in my opinion, is a little out of date at this point, but it has a good tale. I hope they cut some of the comedy since I thought it was a little too much.
This timeline is fascinating to me. Strange things have been happening since the announcement of The Devil is a Part Timer.

We'll be getting more Hunter X Hunter, Bleach, and Urusei Yatsura , and now Trigun.


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So the Orange studio announced Trigun's latest project, which is a complete CG anime. Let's see how it turns out. Orange is touting that show as their magnum opus, the pinnacle of all they've worked on and all the experience they've gained, so it's safe to trust them here; they appear to be working on something sublime.

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I sincerely hope that, like Sailor Moon Crystal or Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, this is a complete adaptation of the manga. The manga contains a lot of fantastic material that was not included in the first TV series.