Nearly 25 years after the original Trigun anime aired, the legendary story returns to the screen with a new, 3d anime by Studio Orange (Beastars, Land of the Lustrous) called TRIGUN STAMPEDE. As a bonus, people outside Japan won’t have to wait long to enjoy this new take on a classic as Crunchyroll has confirmed that they will air the series on their platform next year. Further details are expected at a panel at Anime Expo 2022, where series creator Yasuhiro Nightow will be in attendance along with staffers from Orange and Toho.
The TRIGUN Anime Expo panel will be July 2nd at the JW Marriott Hotel, and will require an AE 2022 badge to attend.
Trigun originally ran in Monthly Shonen Champion from ’95-’97, and continued in Young King OURS with Trigun Maximum. Madhouse produced the 1998 anime, and the film Trigun: Badlands Rumble released in 2010. No casting is currently available for the new show, but it’s been said that the show will have an all new cast in Japan.
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The anime that perfected "show, don't tell," with incredible action and sequences. You feel his suffering and get excited whenever he puts on his spectacles. He doesn't need to explain anything, and you slowly piece together information from the plot until the grand reveal in the final episode. Fantastic series. I'd want to see an upgraded version that is either more manga-like or has cleaner animation. Otherwise, absolute perfection. Glad that the new Generation will get to see this classic with a fresh new coat of paint.


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I'm hoping for a dub of this, with the original English dub's voice actors reprising their parts. I believe the charm comes from the dubs voice actors. One of the best anime dubs, even better than the subtitles. One of my all-time favorite anime series. We're excited for the remake!
When I first saw the announcement, I was more excited for your reaction than the announcement itself. But, seriously, this is incredible. Hopefully, a trailer will be released next month.

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