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Trese, A gateway to a Filipino Folklore.
Trese is the most-watched Netflix original in the Philippines right now. Most likely, it has something to do with Filipino culture finally having representation on an international platform. You don’t need to be a Filipino to enjoy this Anime. You get to learn about Filipino folklore and culture, but Trese is Universal.
Most Anime are adaptations of manga, light novels, videogames, and other Japanese media.
Trese is an adaptation of an Award-winning Filipino Graphic Novel.
Back it 2008, Writer Budjette Tan made this phenomenal graphic novel. It developed a loyal cult following. Filipino Comic Books had been around for almost a century, but it died down during the early 2000s. Trese was the light of hope during the dark times of Filipino comic books. The executive Producer of the show is Jay...

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I would be happy if Netflix renew it and the second season have more episodes. It is refreshing to see an Anime from a culture that is rarely represented.


The Kung Fu Irish Princess
Gory show, not for the faint of the heart but I want to see more. A lore from a culture I am not familiar with keeps me watching.