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It's fantastic to hear that the main character in the film Transfusion is a positively portrayed father. More stories that highlight the importance of fatherhood and the love and sacrifice that a father can make for his family are needed in our society. It's wonderful to see a film that not only has action and suspense, but also a heartwarming message at its core. I'm confident that this film will strike a chord with audiences and inspire many to value the role of fathers in their lives. I can't wait to see it! Hollywood is trying hard to be feminist so bad that all men, especially fathers had been portrayed negatively.


When will this film be released in the rest of the world? I've been waiting for it to come out this year, but it appears to be available only on the Australian streaming service Stan. I'm looking forward to seeing Sam Worthington's intense performance as Ryan Logan. I'm hoping that an international release date will be announced soon.


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Sam Worthington has never looked better with his hair this long! I must say that the transformation he underwent for his role in Transfusion paid off handsomely. He exudes a rugged and handsome aura that complements his acting ability perfectly. I've long admired his work, and this new look is just the icing on the cake. My excitement for the film and his appearance in it is palpable. The prospect of seeing him on the big screen with this new, striking appearance is simply too much to bear. I can't wait to see Transfusion and admire Sam Worthington in all his gorgeousness!


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To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about this movie. The action and drama in the trailers can get a little stale pretty quickly. I'm hoping there will be some shocking turns to keep it interesting.


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The constant portrayal of soldiers as struggling and suffering from PTSD, financial hardships, or other issues in movies irritates me. After they leave the military, veterans should be portrayed in movies in a more accurate manner, in my opinion.


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Sam Worthington suffer to make hit movies outside of Avatar. I don't think this movie will be as quarter as successful as his 2 Avatar movies. I have a feeling all his movies will be flop except for maybe Avatar ,3,4 and 5.


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I beg to disagree his movie Class of the titans made 493 million dollars. He had success outside of Avatar.


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I think this is just an easy money job for him. First it is not a Hollywood movie, its an Australian movie. he just needed something to do while waiting for avatar 3.

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I'm so excited to see Sam Worthington in a new light with "Transfusion"! Finally, he's stepping outside the sci-fi and fantasy genres and showing off his incredible Acting Range. As Ryan Logan, he's a special forces member dealing with the traumatic loss of his wife and striving to protect his son. This role is truly a departure from his past characters, & I can't wait to see him bring his A-game. Worthington has undergone a major transformation for the role, including growing out his hair, and I have no doubt that he will bring intensity and emotion to the film. I will Get ready for a heart-pounding journey of a father's unwavering love and the lengths he will go to keep his child safe.


The plot of the movie is based on a story that is liked by everyone so I am sure it will be another bix office success for Sam Worthington.

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