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Time for the countdown.
If you haven't known by now I am Darkon633 who is one of the hosts on a podcast called TokuAnimeNews. I am also a reviewer on youtube and I have reviewed a bunch of things spanning from Transformers and even going to Tokusatsu related toys and others.

I mainly do Transformers but I did do some Power Rangers and Figuarts Reviews.

Also check out the podcast on our blog here

Since I am fairly new to reviewing community I definitely need some improvement so please give me any tips or ways that can help improve my reviews.

[ame=""]Transformers RID Scourge - YouTube[/ame]

Power Rangers
[ame=""]Power Rangers Samurai Mega Rangers - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=""]SHFiguarts Nazca Dopant - YouTube[/ame]

Megaman Week
[ame=""]Super Fighting Robot Week: Megaman and Rush - YouTube[/ame]

Iron Man Week
[ame=""]I am Iron Man week: Iron Man - YouTube[/ame]
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Time for the countdown.
Fansproject Code X-1 (Chromedome) [ame=""]Special 50th Review: Fansproject Function X-1 (Chromedome) - YouTube[/ame]

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