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Irregular Hunter has sightings in numerous states already, but only in Toys R' Us so far.


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Optimus is a very nice figure, his alt form looks great and his robot form has a nice amount of presence for such a small figure. If you don't want to display him with this rifle, you can holster it on his shoulder (in a different place than what the instructions show you) for a nice marine-style stance.

Bumblebee actually looks pretty different from his in-game counterpart, mostly because of the kibble on his back that doesn't exist in the game at all (think about the difference between RoTF Voyager Megatron and his on-screen counterpart with the back-kibble). Even so you can do some nice poses with him, but I haven't been able to get him into his alt form since things just don't seem to fit together.

Pick up Optimus for sure, and get Bumblebee only if you've got cash to burn. I can't wait for Soundwave to come out.


...but I haven't been able to get him into his alt form since things just don't seem to fit together...
Got Bumblebee and yeah, it's hard to transform him into the Cybertronian Car mode.
Have you tried watching some video reviews of him since I got mine transformed once.

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I wanna get mine in a store... no shipping and handling fees.

Buy both of them and you get free shipping thanks to Amazon's Super Saver Shipping for $25+ orders. Or sign up for the trial version of Amazon Prime and get free two-day shipping.

Prime is an awesome TF and I don't regret the purchase at all. Getting Megatron for sure too. Soundwave was looking bad until I finally saw him transformed correctly in the Botcon coverage, so I may get him. The only one I remain iffy about is Bumblebee.

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After spending some time with this game, I'm very tempted to buy all four WFC characters:shakefist

Prime I want especially...I'm also tempted to buy two to open, one to keep on card...for the dream of one day meeting Peter Cullen, and getting him to sign it(Either I got to Botcon one day, or he comes to TFcon one of these days)


Ummm Red Alert and Soundwave will come out in September.

And in August Megatron and DarkMount come out.

I saw it in Previews.
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