Transformers Dark of the Moon MEGATRON Review/Pics


The Dark of the Moon street date is still a few days away but some stores have already begun selling merchandise for this third installment in the Bay-verse. And luckily I managed to snag one of my most anticipated items!

This will be the first review I try with the new camera; bear with me a bit.

Megatron's newest Vehicle Mode in the live-action series; for the first time he actually resembles an Earth vehicle. Admittedly it looks more like something that belongs in a "Mad Max" clip but thats still closer to normal than his previous incarnations.

Transformation is relatively simple; only parts that gave me some difficulty were the tiny bits in the truck-grill.

Megatron has adopted a stylish new hoodie in this Robot Mode, and closer examination shows why:

Chunks of his face are missing, reminding us that Megs also came off the worse for wear after "Revenge of the Fallen."

The cloak is an interesting new addition and thankfully it does not interfere with articulation. Megs possesses a wide variety of joints; full movement in legs, waist and arms complete with a minor wrist joint.

This version of Megatron also carries the new gimmick for DOTM: "MechTech," turning a small piece from the vehicle mode into a somewhat oversized weapon (in Megs' case, half of the fuel tank converts into a fusion cannon with a snap-out claw) thanks to spring-loaded triggers. Its... pretty stupid but nothing that interferes with the overall quality of the mold the way previous gimmicks have done *coughPowerlinxcough*...

TO be honest I still feel that a "definitive" Movie-verse Megatron still hasn't been made but I definitely like this new Voyager; great new design and pretty fun. As an alternative he's different enough from previous incarnations to be repurposed into a Movie-verse Scourge or MotorMaster if you desire.