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Team17 has revealed more information on how players will be able to withstand the pressure and stress of daily island life in the upcoming crafting and survival sandbox game, The Survivalists. Currently in development for PC and consoles and scheduled for launch later in 2020, The Survivalists features ‘The Mimic System’, enabling stranded players to train local monkeys to help with tasks, from building shelters and cutting down trees, to defending against raids from the many malevolent orclings.
‘The Mimic System’ will see players befriend and tame wild monkeys before training them with bananas. As they munch down on their musa, players will have to show their primate cousins the actions to replicate and provide the necessary tools. From there, they’ll gladly help and support survivors in their adventures. Players will be able to harness the power of multiple monkeys to create ‘monkey chains’, setting them up to work together to achieve a greater goal such as creating an axe for...
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