Toy Hauls - What have you bought Recently?

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I bought the Black and Green Unicron from Energon Back in the day for only 20$. So I think if the 25th Unicron drops to around that price, I'll pick it up. Was MP rodimus on sale?
Oh DAMN :disappoin

I heard that MP roddy has a lot of QC issues, but it's not as horrible as the Japanese version. Still, for 50$ I'm VERY tempted.

Takara made a ver 2.0 for Roddi that corrected alot (but not all) of the QC issues.

My problems may have just been a isolated issue, but i don't want to take a chance and get a replacement that may or may not do the same thing...


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Lookie what arrived today~


My first Rider Figuart, yahoooo!

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Ya, I like how some people put unicron up for couple hundred on ebay, AND Get it sold. They are plentiful here in Canada and goes for 50 dollars or less.

I guess TRU canada is stepping up their game, about time.

I was shocked. I don't go to TRU much, maybe 3x a year and I always end up disappointed witht he crap i see and this time... I was blown away.

The thing is I was gonna buy the Unicron on Amazon for the big $$$ earlier this year and thank God I didn't. But now I am tempted to go buy it, Galactus, and the fucking Sentinel.

I did however end up buying Batman: Arkham Asylum for 360 for me, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record for 360 for my youngest brother (x-mas), a stroller for the niece (x-mas), Terminator: TSCC Seasons 1-2 on DVD for a friend (x-mas), Talking Woody from Toy Story 3 for my god son (x-mas), and Ultimate Optimus Prime for another younger cousin of mine who is on a TF high.

The box goes for about 45 CDN, but you can get it cheaper if you look around.

Also, of the TF's i got, AVOID The Streetside Bot Brawl pack and Masterpeice Rodimus. Mine fell apart like poorly QC'ed garbage :mad:

Has MP Optimus or Megatron been released yet?.


My Hybrid Haul For Sat. 12/10/2011

Transformers - Robots In Disguise > Deluxe Class > Wave #6 > Asst. #80575:
x1 #80665 Storm Jet-{Ebay Seller: nygnts}

Transformers MP Replicas/IGear > Destrons:
x2 Thundecracker/Seeker-Lightning-{Online Store:}

Nintendo DS Game(s):
x1 Spongebob Vs The Big One "Beach Party Cook-Off" (Pre-owned)-{Store: Gamestop}
x1 Pokemon Black (Pre-owned)-{Store: Gamestop}
x1 Pokemon White (Pre-owned)-{Store: Gamestop}





Toy Haul December 10, 2011:

Banpresto DX One Piece Grand Line Men Vol.10 Monkey D Luffy
Banpresto DX One Piece Grand Line Children Vol.01 Monkey D Luffy