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Tower of God Season 2 Trailer got finally dropped by Crunchyroll.  This Crunchyroll original Anime is not based on Japanese Media like Manga or Light novels. Tower of God, an Anime Adaptation of a Korean Webtoon.  So the Source material not being Japanese gave fans a fresh perspective that doesn’t rely much on Anime tropes.
In the First Season, we see the friendship that is possibly romantic between Bam and Rachel. Rachel told Bam it was her dream to see the real stars, and she could only see them if they got to climb the Tower of God.
The setting for this anime’s home world is a massive space colony rather than a planet.
Tower of God, a massive structure with 135  stories,exists.Those who succeed in rising to the top can fulfill their  dreams...

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All I can see are the Season 1 episode clips; what more do you even show? The S2 webcomic opens with the new cast, whose lack of familiarity would make for a dreadfully underwhelming trailer. Additionally, revealing more about Viole's abilities would just lose the sense of dread and anticipation that pervaded at the start of Season 2 with the Webtoon of "oh sh*t, is this truly Baam, is he the baddie now?" I haven't read S2 in a while. Who exactly knows what brand-new scenes they could present without destroying the tension?
The first season was amazing, in my opinion. Compared to reading the webtoon, it had pretty nice visual direction, and even though some of the information were skipped, it didn't really detract from the overall experience (this is still just the first season tho). Although I still didn't see the jobs being used as uniquely as they should, such as scouts aren't really shown to be as vital as light carriers or fisherman, it developed a great power system and kept me engaged enough to read the webtoon. For the upcoming second season, I'm eager. Anyone who hasn't read the source material will find that things improved significantly following season 1. You're in for a tremendous treat!
After getting delayed by the Pandemic, the second season is now here! Yes!!!!!!. I've been anticipating this. As long as they stick to the original material and involve the author in the project's development, the Webtoon series is ideal for producing numerous seasons. I'm quite excited, but I just hope they take their time.


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I'm still astonished. I believed that this day would never arrive. I am now very excited! This time, I REALLY hope the season is lengthy so we may have a fantastic, fully developed story ending at the conclusion of the workshop. I hope they don't rush if there are just 13 episodes once more. If the season has 13 episodes, The Hand of Arlen is the ideal way to wrap things out. That was meant to be the biggest twist in the story.

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I hope we get a dub version right away because I watched the first season in English. The storyline Season 2 will cover will be more ambitious base from what I read from the Webtoon.

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