Toriko and assassination classroom finale thoughts.

Actual title:What would the finale of two shonen jumps manga :Toriko and assassination classroom look like

You know with two new manga's in the shonen jump line like toriko and Assasination classroom are a hit it left me wonder what would the finale of the two manga's be like:

First off Assassination classroom
You know perhaps in its final arc during graduation of the class Korosensei would confess that he didn’t really want to destroy earth in reality he’s just teaching students about the difficult lives in society and to face tough situations which it works and after all the assassination they did to him for the past year the students will love him not only as their respectable teacher but as their faithful friend there will be tears and sadness around about how they will never see each other again and stuff sort of like the usual high school manga ending things and maybe Korosensei finally accepted the love of students even to everyone as friends that the government consider him no longer a threat and a enemy but just a kind person .
Maybe the reason why Korosensei was trying to let everyone assassinate him is because he needs something not guns or fatal things including suicide but something like love so that he can finally die instantly and have his body change into something what he really wanted to be a “normal Human being like everyone else” and it did because of love by students and everyone around the world he now gains what he received after his instant death he is reborn as a normal human being sort of like a doctor who regeneration type thing and maybe it will have him finally getting married to the love of his life who gave him humanity In the first place and the end of the manga might have him continue being a teacher to the new students but this time as a normal human teacher.

Next and last Toriko
Toriko is a manga about a gourmet hunter in the world which are food related called gourmet world and his search for some exotic creatures and plants for a meal accompanied with his cowardly sidekick Komatsu and some of his friends he also has a personal goal to Complete his Full course meal including the Great meal itself “GOD”.
And here is a personal funny opinion Do you know that the manga which focuses on Food like Toriko will cause some readers not only to make them attracted to eat more and more food like greedy people but they also make them unhealthy ,fat ,obesity and gives them eating disorders. Its like as if the manga is just supporting food eating ( :laugh: with drumroll)

Well anyway what I thought of the final arc of toriko be like which will come maybe five or six years will have toriko finally achieved all the meals for his full course menu except one more and that one is “GOD” and with that toriko and his friends are about to get all the ingredients to make the meal when all of a sudden the big bad of the final storyarc will appear and he just want to use the ingredients to make that meal so that not only he will use it to create the war in the human world he can only reform it to his image when the war ends and also to rule it with his iron fist.
Toriko and his friends are going to stop the big bad and his gang before he gets all the ingredients of god before him and his goons which are difficult and risky but they got some of it unfortunately the big bad has the other ingredients of “GOD” that there is one more ingredient of god to break the tie and it will take either teams of toriko or the big bad to get it but as toriko is about to get the last ingredient the big bad will kill him and then get the last ingredient that he even captures toriko’s friends and let them witness him cooking GOD so that he will conquer the human world .

But then toriko did survive and rescued his friends secretly just as the big bad is about to complete the GOD meal which means that there will be some Final Shonen manga big battle fight and will have toriko using super forms and his friends against the big bad who also has a super form with his goons a fight will begin and maybe Komatsu will no longer be the coward that he was and gain courage by fighting one of big bads goons though he didn’t have the fighting technique.

And after toriko’s friends defeating the goons of the big bad toriko and the big bad are the only ones to fight but unfortunately the big bad is still stronger and easily beats toriko to death.

And as he was about to be defeated by the big bad Komatsu , Toriko’s friends and most people support him not to give up and not let his spirit diminished and with that he gained the upper hand and then he continually beat the final arc’s big bad until he is defeated for good resulting toriko saving the world from his almost tyrannical rule.

In the final chapter Toriko will then decide about the GOD meal which was once made by the big bad he might cook it with Komatsu and then he will finally complete his Full Course Menu but seeing that it might be dangerous and might lead to a new war that will end the whole world he wont use it any way maybe he just make a similar meal like the GOD meal with the help of komitsu and will have the superior and similar taste that Acacia did with the god meal that ended the war long ago either way ,Toriko has finally completed his full course meal and maybe Komatsu will gain one of the top spots in the IGO chef ranking that he has achieved his dream of becoming the greatest chef in the world like Zaus did.

And then there will be a marriage of toriko and his love interest that will have everyone including his allies attending it even komitsu will be torikos best man.
And then after the wedding both Toriko and Komitsu invited everyone including their allies to a wedding feast which is a banquet consisting of meals both toriko and komitsu cooked which are based on the full course menu and the adventures all over the years.

And then in a special big colour spread which consist of two pages in colour and fantastic sparkles ,toriko and his friends are in a banquet which consist of meals based on their great adventures raise the toast to the readers as in the breaking the fourth wall to thank them for being with them on their adventures to the end.

What do you think ? if you like one of them or both just say it.