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Tom Cruise reprises the role 30 years later for a story of redemption where some unfinished business from the original film needs to be settled, making what at first sight seemed to be an unnecessary late sequel, in a wonderful continuation that with some nostalgic vibes, brings a product with own personality, regaining a way to understand cinema and entertainment that should never fade away, for a breathless ride of spectacular sequences and heartwarming sentiments that takes the breath away…
Capturing the spirit of Tony Scott original film but moving forward looking its own path, the film brings back Maverick this time as the teacher of a young squad of promising youngsters assigned to a dangerous mission. A mission that will lead the path of a healing journey of redemption and reconciliation.

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They absolutely ticked all the fan boy boxes when crafting this movie, which I watched last night. And for a sequel, they did an excellent job; I would absolutely watch it again.

With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 97 percent, everyone is praising this film, which has already been named one of the finest films of 2022.
Tom Cruise is 60 years old this year, but he is still capable of performing these deadly stunts. I wouldn't be surprised if Top Gun 3 was made in 20 years and he still looked the same and could execute dangerous stunts. Now I'm thinking of worshiping aliens. I might thrive in Scientology!


This film was a love letter to everybody who grew up watching the original Top Gun. The flight sequences were breathtaking and thrilling. We couldn't hear a pin drop in the theater at one point because we didn't know what had happened to one of the main characters. Fantastic film.


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I think Tom Cruise's ability to remain relevant for decades is very remarkable. He understands how the film industry has evolved over the years, as well as what audiences want in blockbusters today vs what they wanted in the 1980s and 1990s. This was just released in theaters a few hours ago. When it comes to action scenes, this is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. You have the distinct impression that you are in the cockpit, preparing to side-swipe a mountain at 700 mph. Although the film has a few minor shortcomings, it is nonetheless a fantastic sequel. The best action film I've seen in years, and a fantastic sequel in the sense that it not only looks 10 times better than the first, but it also reminds you of where it came from. I'd nearly compare it to Terminator 2 in terms of "greatest action sequel," and I walked out of the movie with a huge grin on my face.
I shake my head when I hear about the astronomical salary that many actors and actresses earn.
When I hear Tom Cruise is getting a colossal wage raise, I nod, thinking he deserves it all.
No other famous actor in Hollywood has put himself at as much risk as this guy does to make the action sequences look authentic. Yes, actors from Hong Kong cinema, such as Jackie Chan, do it, but no A-lister born in the United States does it. It demonstrates Cruise's desire to be as honest as possible to his fans and his passion for his trade.


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I thought this is a Sequel that is not necessary and my expectations are super low but I enjoyed this movie so much. It blew my socks off.

Whale Mutant Kun

Protector of the Ocean
The pacing, the writing, the acting, the cinematography, the action scenes, the emotional weight, everything about this film was fantastic. This was a near-perfect film.
I shall declare this movie was a real pleasant surprise for me, going into it I honestly wasn’t all that interested because I never cared for the original Top Gun, to me it was just a really corny, forgettable movie about flying jets, which as a result I expected this one to be as great, but I actually had a pretty good time with it, once again Tom Cruise is absolutely amazing, this man continues to show the world that he’s one of the best, most dedicated actors out there right now, which even after all these recent years I still can’t believe because much like Keanu Reeves in the early years of his career his acting was just kinda iffy and everyone just kinda saw him as a big joke, nobody took him seriously or ever thought he’d become a legitimately good actor, but both of them have and he really shines in this movie, as does Miles Teller, who is one of the best younger talents out there right now, and the 2 of them butting heads is really the heart of this movie, it’s very interesting to watch, the tone is also great because it even though it has its moments of fun and levity it manages to still take itself seriously which makes the movie’s stakes feel well established.
It’s Top Gun but without all the cheesiness. The last act is what makes the movie for me because that’s when it feels like some natural spice is joining to the plot, and Oh my word!, the last act of this movie is impressive, it’s suspenseful, it’s thrilling, it’s action-packed, and all of it so entertained me.

I guess the biggest flaw with this movie is that since most of the character focus is on Tom Cruise and Miles Teller, the other pilots getting trained kind of just get left in the background. It’s a lot like the team lineups you see in something like Power Rangers, where you have maybe 2 or 3 team members you care about because they are rootable. Then two others feel like they’re just there to fill up the rest of the slots on the team. That’s how I felt with them, but this movie was a delightful surprise because I wasn’t expecting anything out of it. I even debated whether or not I even wanted to see it, but I’m glad I did because it wasn’t bad. Tom Cruise and Miles Teller are great, the action is a ton of fun to watch, and even though this probably still isn’t a movie I’d go out and buy on Blu-Ray, it was a reasonably entertaining watch.

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