Top 5 Sentai ED themes?


For me:

5) Hadashi No Kokoro De(Gingaman): Masato Shimon does a beautiful job on this song and I love the calm feel.

4) Kokoro wa Tamago: A very good ballad from Hironobu Kageyama. I love the intro.

3.) Ai no Soldier(Maskman): Another great job by Hironobu Kageyama. Daisuke Inoue, who sadly passed away in 2000, does another great job on orchestration like he did on the OP.

2.) Himitsu Sentai Goranger: This song is just really catchy...ban-bara-ban-ban-ban! And I love Sasaki's vocals with Koorogi '73 on backing.

1.) Yuusha Ga Yuku(Battle Fever J): In contrast to the rather childish opening, the ending to this series is an emotional piece with lots of guitar throughout and MoJo showing his full range. Not to mention the somewhat solemn piano and strings scattered in there.

5. Maskman: I found this song to be calm, relaxing, and heroic at the same time. I absolutely loved the violin work in this song! This song just helped me feel happy for the Maskman team, and how such humanistic characters they are. And I love how the song ends with "Aura no Maskman!" The song also somewhat sounds european, and gives a sense of both honor and devotion of a warrior.

4. Boukenger: This song just makes me smile. It truly gives the sense of an endless adventure, but in a more relaxing tone. Kind of gives me a sense that there's nothing wrong in this world.

3. Megaranger: Another calm and relaxing song. This song just sounds so mystical, despite being such a technology heavy sentai. And it also gives a sense of happiness, as well as a sense of youth.

2. Changeman: This song is very epic. I absolutely love the "NEVER STOP! CHANGEMAN!" It just really gives a sense that there's a terrible war going on, but to never give up and to keep fighting as true soldiers. The song doesn't really give a sense of victory. But more like a realistic push towards development and maturing in order to reach one's victory. And I feel like this song meshed very well with Changeman's story, as well as it's story themes.

1. Liveman: IMO, the most powerful sentai ending theme song ever. The 80s style music, the guitar, the special effects, and the singing are all just simply amazing. This song gives me a sense of "eternity." Something that could easily last all throughout the eternity of the Super Sentai franchise. Showing off just how well this song has aged. This song is just beautiful. It sings about tomorrow, and about fighting towards that tomorrow. The song is very epic, but mellow and dark at the same time. Kind of gives a sense of one having to move on, no matter how hard or haunting life can be, and you will hopefully reach a happier part in your life. To me, this song fit perfectly for the season itself.

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1) Oretachi Muteki Sa!! Dairanger - Dairanger

2) Toki no Kanata - Timeranger

3) Tao - Gekiranger

4) Kinkyū Hasshin!! Ohranger -Ohranger

5) Bōkensha ON THE ROAD - Boukenger


School Days
1. Jetman~ The Heart is an Egg
2. Boukenger~ On The Road
3. Gaoranger~ Healing You
4. Timeranger ~Toki No Kanata E
5. Shinkenger ~Shirokujimuchū Shinkenger

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Not five, but a list of my tops: Goranger (1st), JAKQ, Denjiman, Bioman, Changeman, Jetman, Dairanger, Megaranger (1st), Gingaman, Timeranger, Gekiranger (Instrumental)

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