Top 10 Things in regards to Toku that you learned...


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Everyone has a different experience in these things...but in terms of my experiences, these were the wierdest ones I experienced first hand...

Top 10 Things I learned the past in regards to toku...the past decade...:redface2:

1. Sokichi Banba/Big One causes Homophobia for no damn reason.:sly:

2. Any attempt to do a english song based off the instrumental of "Journey though the Decade" will earn you the wrath of the Gackt Fan Girls:sly:

3. Putting Z-O-R-D behind either Gundam or EVA will earn you the wrath of the mecha fandom...:redface2:

4. Sun Vulcan's American Counterpart is the Super Strong Warner Siblings....sweat::patriotic:

5. Some people agreed that Magical Lyrical Nanoha would make a better toku than Sailor Moon.:sly:

6. "Zvatt" is a flying poison type Pokemon.:redface2:

7. Urataros is Gin Ichimaru from Bleach...or is it the other way around...and people just can't get over the fact that Urataros could say "Shoot to Kill" or "Kamishini no Yari" at any moment (or that Gin Ichimaru will say "May I string you along?") :sweat:

...same goes for Deneb being a "Super Pervert":sly:

8. "RIDER FASHION CHECK" The style of Kamen Riders' civilian wardrobe continues to evolve. From biker gloves and vest and underwear.:eyebrow:

9. People still hate parasols and scarves with the passion yet ninjas are still fish aliens and the X-Games. Speaking of which...PR epically fails at doing Samurai, they were better off using cowboys.:sly:

10. Red Female Ranger...Pink Male Rider...IS EVERYONE HAPPY NOW!!!:sly:

...what were your wierdest moments...because...all fandom now goes hand and hand...not to mention I cannot watch toku in peace sometimes because someone decides they need to pull a random MST3K rant.