Tools Of Torment, Latest Chapter of Dead By Daylight

Seth Larson

<p>Tools Of Torment is the 27th Chapter of Dead By Daylight. It will be the first non-Licensed Chapter to have two Survivors. The Past Chapters like Stranger Things and Resident Evil are licensed. For the first time the killer is technology based. She is either from the present day or from the near future as her technologies are available mow. The New Killer is ‘The Skull Merchant’. The Moment I saw her, she seem to fit for Dead by Daylight.</p>


Sassy Survivor
This is a bad killer design, she doesn't look scary and she looks like a character from an action game. To make it worst she is too petite to be intimidating. No way she will beat someone like Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield,Ash Williams,Bill Overbeck, Claire Redfield, Sheva Alomar, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong and Cheryl Mason. Chris can punch boulders! least threatening killer since Susie.


Thalita and Renato Lyra seem like interesting survivors! I love that they're siblings who are competitive kite fliers, and I'm excited to see how they interact with the new killer. The Skull merchant looks basic but the Survivors are refreshingly cool.
I enjoyed the gameplay footage for Tools of Torment! It's always helpful to get a sense of how the new killer and survivors will play before actually getting to play the chapter myself. I wish I am a streamer so I can qualify as a Fog Whisperer for Dead By Daylight and get to play the PTB.

Diamonds Strikes Back.

Nobody Does It Like Diamonds.
Dude, as a total Dead By Daylight veteran, I'm always amped to see some new content drop. And check it out, this new chapter has the sickest new thing ever: two non-licensed survivors that are a duo! How gnarly is that? And the new killer is all tech-based, which is such a rad twist, bro. I can't even wait to see what The Skull Merchant's killer moves are gonna be like. It's gonna be totally mind-blowing!


Queen of Selfcare
While viewing the trailer for the latest release of Dead by Daylight, I was proven right in my prediction that the siblings would be the survivors. Yet, I was anticipating a more original turn of events for the killer. Truthfully, I find myself more drawn to the killer's backstory and mythology than the killer herself. Although it wasn't quite what I was expecting, it's not all that bad either. The killer's design is particularly remarkable and unique. The inclusion of a brother and sister survivor duo is also noteworthy and admirable. While watching, I hoped that the game environment would transport players like a map, but sadly this isn't the case. Given the effort that the DBD team has put into the game, I understand why there's no new map, and I applaud their dedication.


, I gotta be honest with ya, I'm not feeling the new killer. The design is pretty weak, and the whole "tech-exec who loves manga" thing is kinda basic, ya know? I was hoping for something more creative and scary. And check this out, doesn't the killer look like a dark version of Nea but with some Asian vibes? It's definitely an intriguing move, but I don't think it's enough to get me pumped for this new chapter.

Sure Your Ken

She took the kids Ryu
You know what I think, mate? This new killer is giving me some serious 80s sci-fi horror vibes, particularly Predator and Terminator. Personally, I would have loved to see more body horror in her design, but I reckon there'll be some skins for that down the line.

But the thing that's really got me interested is how sleek and flashy her design is compared to the other characters. It's like a love letter and mash-up of those classic 80s flicks, ya know? I'm itching to know more about her backstory and what brought her to the Dead By Daylight universe.


Will win againts the Entity
Ha! This killer in DBD is a total joke, she's like trying to be her dad's failed anime character and taking out people just for kicks. She's nothing but a nerdy otaku who dresses up as a manga character that nobody even buys. And just like those other lady killers before her, they had to give her some kind of issues with her old man too.They Obviously made her to sell sexy costumes that's why her default skin looks boring.


Boss of All Bosses
What is a Mortal Kombat character doing in Dead By Daylight. She looks like a female Kano.


To be fair she is more threatening than Trickster who is a KPOP Boyband member and Susie a 14 year old girl that kills people with a broken wooden ruler.


Oh man, have you heard the story of this new killer in DBD? It's so cringy, it's like they got the writers from The Room to pen this one. Apparently, her old man was a mangaka who started off alright, but then went all dark and took his family's finances down with him. So now she's all about that money, honey, and will stop at nothing to climb the capitalist ladder. She's even using a persona from her dad's failed manga to off her business rivals! I mean, talk about daddy issues, am I right? But hey, at least she's putting her manga cosplay skills to good use. Who knew dressing up like a cartoon character could be so deadly?


Resident Bronteroc
I finally watched Skull Merchant's gameplay and yes her design may look boring but her gameplay looks fun. She has no Map but the existing maps got optimized to have her living quarters if she is the killer. Making her might be hard for the programmers.


Manifesting more seasons of Arcane
Rubbish! I have to say, her backstory is a complete disaster. It fails to justify her rather bizarre visual design. I mean, what's with the bedazzled gas mask that's been chopped in half? And that odd robotic arm contraption? Are these elements taken from her father's manga, or are they just random additions?And what's with the moniker Skull Merchant? I have to admit, I was expecting something a bit more inspired than just the name of the manga character she's cosplaying. I mean, sure, selling human remains on the black market might have been a decent idea, but it's just not living up to its potential. Overall, I have to say, this killer could use some serious rebranding.


Queen of Selfcare
People were hating on trickster when he debuted because he is too handsome to be a killer but he sold well. I think that is their strategy with Skull Merchant. They will give her sexy outfits to sell.

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