Tomo-chan Is a Girl! Will Get A Simuldub Premiere

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<p>Getting the sub and dub versions of a show to line up schedule-wise is hard work, and Crunchyroll doesn’t do it for every series — just the most significant ones. A simuldub is when the version of an anime with English dialogue is made available the exact same day the Japanese version is — usually the day of its Japanese premiere. Crunchyroll usually reserves its simuldub budget for heavy hitters which is why it’s surprising the honor is going to a rom-com this time.</p>


Most Tomboys I know are lesbian, I assume Tomo-Chan's friends assume she is one because of stereotype. He never thought a girl like her will fall for him.


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As usual this is not available in my Local CrunchyRoll, this is only for Americans, Why make their platform globally available if people are not getting what America is getting.


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Three years ago I was watching a Manga-dub on YouTube because I thought this manga will not be animated and I was wrong. I hope the English cast will have impressive performance because the Japanese cast slays all the emotions needed to tell the story.
It's incomprehensible that an anime was adapted from a self-published manga. It's difficult for me to believe that I'll be able to watch this in just a few days. Because I found the ending to be quite satisfying, I sincerely hope that this is adapted in its entirety. I related with the Manga so much because I dress as a boy as a kid because my parents are too poor to buy me dresses and they made me wear my brother's old clothes.


The entire manga is fantastic, and I own every volume. It's a huge relief that it'll be shown as animation. I am relieved that the manga was adapted into an anime because many women can identify with the difficulty of disclosing their feelings to a male friend without increasing the likelihood of painful rejection. I only started reading months ago when Another writer recommends this.


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I believe I first read this manga when a young girl. It gives me great pleasure to learn that a faithful adaptation is in the works! Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of an animated version of this. I believe he is aware of her feelings for him because they have been best friends since childhood, and neither of them wants to fall in love for fear of jeopardizing their friendship. As a result, in order to maintain the friendship, he acts as if he is unaware of the situation.

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It's fantastic that Rie Takahashi will be providing the anime's Japanese dub, as Tomo-chan has a charming and authentic voice. I'm crossing my fingers that the actress doing the English dub does a good job. A character like Tomo-chan does not appear very frequently.


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This incredible manga is getting a brand new anime adaptation, and it looks incredible. In response to your question, the short answer is that yes, I have been looking forward to this for quite some time. Everyone who worked on this new anime did an excellent job, and the seiyuus' voices are very close to what I imagined when I first heard the series. I remember trying to communicate my feelings for a boy when I was younger by sending him signals that indicated my feelings for him. However, the boy misinterpreted these signals to mean that we were simply friends.


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So now, what seemed like an eternity later, it seems to be moving in that direction. Although there were some frustrating parts, reading the manga was generally enjoyable, and Tomo-chan definitely deserves her status as an anime icon for tomgirls. Those who think tomboys are better than girly girls should be grateful they live in this era. I won't leave her if a tomboy approaches me and tells me how she feels.
Even though I've never read the manga, I feel like I can relate to this character because I, too, am frequently recognized as one of the guys by my male contemporaries. If you're looking for a girlfriend, I'm not the girl for you. People automatically assume that I'm gay because I don't wear dresses and have short hair.

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