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Tomo-chan is a Girl is a romantic comedy anime coming to Crunchy Roll this 2023. It is about a tomboy secretly in love with her dense male best friend. She has been close with Junichirou all her life, but he sees her as one of the boys because she has more masculine interests. She loves sports and other hobbies more associated with boys, but she is actually attracted to boys. People had a more stereotypical impression of her. This anime is based on a manga series written by Fumita Yanagida. The manga had an 8-volume run that started in 2015 and ended in 2019. After years of waiting, fans finally see Tomo-chan is a Girl gets an anime adaptation. Lay-duce will animate the adaptation of the 2016 Next...

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I was a tomboy when I was a kid, and people thought I swung the other way because I dressed like a boy and played sports. I dress like a boy because my family is poor and my parents cannot buy parents, so they cant buy me girly clothes. I wore my brother's handouts which used to be my uncle's. I can relate with this story.


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Because this manga is different from most others, I wasn't expecting it to have an anime. Even so, the animation seems amazing, and because this is one of my favorite romance-comedy mangas, I can't wait for it to show next year. This one was on my screen! I was astonished that there wasn't an anime when I initially read the manga series two years ago after purchasing it through Book Walker. Finally, there is an adaption of it now!


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I completed reading this manga nearly eternities ago, and it is an adorably charming narrative that deserves a high-quality adaptation. I still find it hard to believe I persevered at the time. One of the coolest tomgirls finally shines in an anime because of her genuine struggle.


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Usually in Anime and Manga, Childhood friend always loses. Main characters will rather marry his sister than his childhood friend. I hope this one is different and the childhood friend will finally win.