Tokyo Vice based from the True Story of Jake Adelstein

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Tokyo Vice is a  True  Crime drama based from the non fiction book of  Investigative Journalist, Jake Adelstein. His Memoirs  as the first foreign Journalist of the Japanese Newspaper  Yomiuri Shinbun.  He spent 12 years of his life working for that broadsheet and that exposed him to the crime underworld of the land of the rising sun.
His career in Japan started in the 1990s and this TV series will document the  notorious cases he work for as a news reporter. Sekiguchi a local detective with years of experience works hand in hand with him in investigating extreme crime cases. Japan is a progressive country with low crime rate but it has some of the most extreme true crime stories . There was an attempt to adapt this into a film before starring Daniel Radcliffe but it never commenced. A TV Adaptation will be better anyway because we will get more intimate look with the events...

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I was delighted to read that Daniel Radcliffe will star in the cinematic adaptation of the novel, but some things don't work out. At the very least, we'll get to know Jake Adelstein better, thanks to the television show.


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The TV show is the better option to walk us through that side of Japan we never knew existed. It couldn't have a been an easy task for Jake being a foreigner and having the role of digging deep into the country's criminal underworld. Even with a local mentor that's some scary business and to think that it's all based on actual events.

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