Tokusatsu & Wrestling

I do amateur wrestling (like WWE/TNA) as a hobby in a regional league
I also love many tokusatsu & jdrama

So, for me, combining both is great

"Puroresu" vids

From the Hustle-1 league in japan

[ame=""]YouTube - Hustle Ranger vs. Monster Army[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - HUSTLEmania recap[/ame]

Sorry for Hard Gay... He was (still is?) a star of the Hustle league
American league based of Ultaman and Godzillas shows and other Kaiju and toku series.


Those wrestlers with monsters outfit are awesome, like the ones in Japan are :)

[ame=""]YouTube - Kaiju Big Battel All OUT WAR trailer[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - AREA 57 DVD TRAILER from kaiju big battel[/ame]

Kaiju Big Battlel's own tokusatsu hero.... NEO TEPPEN

[ame=""]YouTube - Neo Teppen[/ame]