Tokusatsu Songs Claim Thread


I don't do sense
Gokaiger - Pirates Girls
[ame=""]?????????? - YouTube[/ame]


Kamen Rider Kiva -- Roots of the King

( 'cause my other choice got taken ; m ; )


We're claiming songs now? Should I start an underwear thread? First is Inui Takumi's boxers and Eiji's boxers.

I claim "Take Me Higher" from Ultraman Tiga.
uf we're claiming underwear next then i'll gladly take Natsumi-Chan's or Ahim's or both


That one guy, yeah.
Endless play from Fourze and Climax Heroes Fourze
Haha... another claim thread.

I'll claim MILLIONS OF ME. The theme of Black RX and Black from Kamen Rider Decade.

[ame=""]Theme of Black and Black RX - Millions of Me - YouTube[/ame]

Taiyo no koda... RX!


Heroes are forever
Lonely Kamen Rider from Kamen Rider (the original series).

I'd like an underwear thread too.
Kamen Rider Fourze - "Hang in there, Hayabusa-kun" by Jojima Yuki (eps 3, 15, and 16)

I propose a Claim Thread claim thread, and I'll claim that.

I have nothing else better to do.

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