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I don't have any resolutions, toku-related or otherwise. I just want a better year than the crappy one we just finished. I'd watch/rewatch all the bad toku out there for that, with or without subs.

Happy 2013, y'all.


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Shows that I plan to finish:
- Bioman (if GUIS will finish it this year)
- Maskman (if GUIS will finish it this year)
- Fiveman (if GUIS will finish it this year)
- Go-Onger
- Toei's Spider-Man

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I made a start on my previous "resolutions" a little early, so my previous post is a little redundant now. I'm almost halfway through Gekiranger, and a third of the way through Decade, so I could quite easily finish those by the end of January.

Looking beyond those two shows, my general plan (with no real timeframe) is to watch Sun Vulcan, Changeman, Liveman, and Gaoranger - but probably not in that order. I was going to watch Gaoranger after I finished Geki. Then I figured I'd hold off and watch Liveman first, seeing as Red Falcon appears in 'Gaoranger Vs Super Sentai'. Then GUIS announced that they're going to do more Liveman V2s, so maybe I should wait a little longer and avoid having to download most of the series twice?...I dunno :sweat: Chances are our lovely subbers will derail that plan (in a good way) again this year. I've had my sights on Gaoranger for a while, but ended up watching Jetman and Zyuranger for the last few months :anime:

One idea I am quite keen on is that when Kyoryuger starts, I want to pair it up with another show to create a little double-bill for myself every week (the way the Over:Time weekly releases tend to work in my time zone means that I often end up watching Rider and Sentai on different days). The vast majority of the toku I've seen has been from either the Kamen Rider or Super Sentai franchises, and while I still want to watch more of those, I'd also like to expand my horizons a little. So I'm thinking that I'll team Kyoryuger up with something else, so that I can at least see one episode of something different each week. I'm just not sure what yet. I did consider having another go at Ultraman Tiga, or trying out Nexus (or possibly Mebius, though I've not heard if the Fushigi-chan subs are any good or not). Maybe I should go outside the "big three" and give GranSazer, Tomica Hero Rescue Force, or Keitai Sousakan 7 a go? Or I could go old-school and check out Kikaider? Any suggestions (as long as the show has been subbed) would be welcome :shrug:


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Got to finish up the second season of GARO. I just sort of stopped midway when I started binging to catch up on Fourze, Netflix Queue and then Wizard.

Not actually Tokusatsu but worth mentioning, I need to finish watching the episodes of Supernatural and Arrow I have on DVR and unwatched DVDs I just got back.


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I plan on finishing
- Kamen Rider OOO
- Kamen Rider W
- Kamen Rider Fourze
- Goseiger
- Go-Busters
- Abaranger
- Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
- Power Rangers Zeo
- Power Rangers In Space

I plan on starting
- Kamen Rider Kiva
- Kamen Rider Kabuto
- Kamen Rider Wizard
- Power Rangers Megaforce
- Anything Else


I actually planned to dedicate the next few months to what i like to call "Project Kikaider".

Basically i will watch all of Android Kikaider, Kikaider 01 and Kikaider The Animation. Once that is done maybe i will watch Metalder

Dude! Don't forget the Hakaider movie! :thumbs:


Blade (much like Ryuki and Faiz) really does take 15+ episodes to start really getting good. Push through to episode 20 and it should have really improved by then.

I'd go as far as to say push to 25, the show pretty much completely changes in story direction and character focus once Blade gets Jack Form. In Glam's opinion, the back end of the series is what's worth watching. The front end is just a glorified bio for the characters, as most of the world-building and growth actually happens in the latter half.


Super sentai-
Sun Vulcan(8 episodes in)
Also maybe another one of the pre Zyuranger series

Kamen Rider-
Wizard(16 episodes in)
Decade(forgot where I was at :p)

Ultra series-
Maybe Ultraman
Nexus(4 episodes in) Just started watching Nexus and I really like it. It's the first Ultra series that I actually watched a full episode.

Space Sheriff Gavan

This list will probably change especially because I'm not even sure if all of these are subbed. Also I'm not sure if I want to watch the rest of Decade.


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i gotta finish Kamen Rider X and Skyrider sometime this year.
and i am trying to watch Turboranger but so far its terrible! i am up to episode 10, does it get any better ?


I hope to finally watch Zyuranger as a mini celebration of Power Ranger's 20th Anniversary. I also plan to watch every single Power Rangers episode EVER by the time the actual birthday rolls around. And I'm currently working on rewatching Gokaiger. Oh, and that's also with my weekly Go-Busters/Kyoryuuger and Kamen Rider Wizard. I realize now that I am screwed.


I'm going to finish Jetman (Its good, but I just kind of stopped watching it for awhile, before starting again). I'm also going to finish Decade (I only have about 10 episodes left, plus two movies). I've got about 32 episodes of Jetman left so I won't have to decide on a new Sentai for awhile (although I do plan to try the new one after Gobusters, and I'll continue with it if its good). As for KR, I'm not sure. I'm thinking about Ryuki, but Kabuto and W are also contenders for my next KR.

Also, I want to watch atleast one non KR/SS Toku. I'm thinking either Madan Senki Ryukendo or Garo.
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Well, I said I would watch more Sentai. This year I've watched Liveman, Goseiger, Akibaranger (yeah, I'm going to count it as sentai), and have just started Zyuranger. So, yeah, resolution accomplished! xD

I also watched KR Blade, Faiz, and am currently about ten episodes into Ryuki.


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I had a goal of finishing all my backlogged Kamen Rider series, so earlier this year I finished Kuuga, Faiz, Blade, Kabuto, and Fourze, which I'm pretty proud of myself for.

I guess my goal now is just to finish everything that I'm currently watching- Namely, Choujin Sentai Jetman, Shougeki Gouraigan, Akibaranger Season 2, Choujinki Metalder, and Ultraman Ginga! I also want to keep up in Gaim, of course.
I fulfilled both of mine:

-Finish Toei's Spider-Man (uggggggh)
-Finish my 40th tokusatsu series (Akibaranger Season 2)

I suppose 50 should be my target for next year, and maybe I'll finally get around to finishing Garo season 1 and Daimajin Kanon.

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