Tokusatsu mangas and found a page about denO trading card game

Shir,Red-X have you uploaded the magiranger manga ,Dekaranger movie manga, hibiki manga and the shinkenger manga (ie-スーパーヒーローズ(4)) yet? if you did upload it in rapidshare or mediafire so that i can see it
Oh by the way i found a page where you can buy the Den O trading card picture whatever thing it is at this site:【グッズ-カードゲーム・トレーディングカード】仮面ライダー電王+イマジンメチャ盛りかるた/pd/31936/
It has the pictures of the Imagins in their imagin anime form but also Ryotaro /Den O and Yuro/Zeronos in a chibi-imagin anime form as well.If anyone but this scan them and upload them in rapdishare or mediafire or put them in this forum.