Tokusatsu/Comic Books Crossovers You'd Want To See

Exactly what is says on the tin. just talk about series,heroes and villains you'd want to see crossover with each other.

For me, I'd love to see the Green Lanterns fight alongside the Space Sheriffs. Two space cop divisions fighting against whatever evil is threatening the universe. Hal teaming up with Gavan, seeing Kilowog fight through Makku Space, Gavan G-Type and Kyle bonding over taking over for legends, ect. But that's just me.

Who would you want so see crossover?

P.S. I also love to see Ultraman mosters fight Mogo.


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Skullman and Batman.
Kikaider and Cyborg.
Spider-Man and Masked Rider.
Ultraman Shodai and Superman.
XMen and Faiz Riders.
Spectre man and Ironman.

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