Tokumei Sentai Gobusters Part 2!! - Picture and News. It's Time For Masta!!


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*looking at the title*

the best thing ever happened to this forum is when Hidden Masta existed here...:sly:


Just an Internet User Passing Thru know, Part 1 still has 18+ posts left b4 it'll be closed up. Let's not waste the necessary posting space in this thread, and just finish off the 1st thread first


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Tokumei Sentai Gobusters Part 2!! - Picture and News. It's Time For Masta!!

Oh Masta..........



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Well that's Hidden Masta for you. He's like a mutated lovechild conceived by Paris Hilton's sex tape and a Michael Bay movie out of wedlock.


okay, my brain just got corrupted trying to process the information...


I'm beginning to notice DC universe simlarities with some of the gobusters characters.

hiromu-tim drake
ryuuji-dick grayson
yoko-stephanie brown
commander kuroki -batman
nakamura-barabra gordon
enter-the joker
messiah-the brain/brainiac

also I cant wait to see the episode that explains why the gobusters fought basco
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well lets see

hiromu/tim:similiar in attitude; if you've read the new 52 books and the pre-52 books while being red robin he became more blunt and straight forward as i see with hiromu(plus both of them are the best out of their groups:thumbs:)

ryuuji/dick: both are the eldest of their groups, I find both t o be more easy to work with, and both have surperior fighting techniques

yoko/stephanie: i think both are have some level of immaturity and stubborness, but are exceptional fighters

commander horuki/batman: need I really say why they're similar( we all know how batman is),but if you've watched young justice,justice league unltimited epilouge, justice league:doom or read anything about his peronality then you'll see why, i'll give u a head start rewatch gobusters ep4

morishita/alfred: both are more closer to the commander/batman, he hasnt had any real character developing speaking roles but he seem mild mannered enough like alfred

nakamura/barabra gordon: again no real character development to compare personallites but they're both computer experts

enter/joker: I suppose my best comparison is that they both do funny things

messiah/the brain and brainiac: messiah sound like the teen titans adaptaion of the brain and messiah has brainia powers but also has a one track mind like brainiac only wanting knowledge of all planets and superman turned into data messiah only wants enertron and the gobusters

hope that helps