Toku Suits that never won you over


It's tradition. First, the suit appears in magazine scans and the majority of us dislike that suit. But then when the show happens, we all grown to love that suit.

I just wanna your guys' opinions of what suits never won you over, even after their show is done. You can include monster suits if you want.

For me:
Den-O's Sword form. I'm sorry, those eyes are just too huge, which is weird cause I like NEW Den-O's Strike form.

The Mask forms of Kabuto Riders. I just didn't like them. Not a good gimmick.

Ryuki's normal and final form. I've only seen about 12 episodes of Ryuki and some clips of his survive form. I could never get into the designs.

Kiva's Emperor Form. I'm sorry, I found the suit to be ugly. And it didn't help that Kiva only used this form for most of the show. I like Dark Kiva though.

And I'm probably gonna get hate for this, but I really dislike the Garo suit. Well, what I don't like is the wolf helmet. I don't know how to explain this, but I don't like that sight of it. I like that rest of the suit though, especially the scenes when Kouga wears the suit:castlerock: The Garo suit really sticks out, especially since most of Garo's fights are at night. Not pleasing for my eyes. Whenever I re-watch Garo, I only watch the out-of-suit fights.

EDIT: Forgot to add DiEnd's suit lol
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Decade Complete form and Diend Complete form, their normal rider suits I was fine with but the complete forms were hideous


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Decade, to this day, it still makes me cringe just looking at it

Decade Complete is even worse ( I mean were they really even trying with the look of it?!)

Surprisingly, I really enjoy DiEnd's suit for some reason

I'm also not too fond of Ryuki Survive


I am never fond of DiEnd's Final Form Suit because it was just cards added to normal DiEnd Suit
The Decade Final Form was better because they even added different variation of color in it that matched the cards that made it better than DiEnd's Final Form


Budou though
gobuster's suits. it looks so wrong. past sentai before them wore spandex but they wear some kind of leather?
Decade Complete, Diend Complete, Kuuga Ultimate Rising Form, V1 System, OOO, Birth, Fourze, Janperson, B-Fighter Kabuto (all seven of them), Titanium Ranger

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I wasn't fond of Decade Complete and Diend Complete, I would have said Deind but after seeing his complete form...yeesh.
gobuster's suits. it looks so wrong. past sentai before them wore spandex but they wear some kind of leather?

I just wanna your guys' opinions of what suits never won you over, even after their show is done.

Gobuster hasn't even started yet... :redface2:

As for me, majority of the Riders don't appeal to me. Never got to watch most of them so I won't mention those. I got to watch some episodes of Faiz and Decade but never really got to finish/complete the two series so I'm not sure they count. The only ones I actually liked are Black, Double and OOO.


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Most of the Showa era Rider suits are hideous, especially V3 and Stronger.

That's because of the era and yeah Stronger's design doesn't do it for me.

Here are my top 5 hated KR suits:
5. Hibiki. They are obviously not for Kamen Rider, they even said so.
4.Super 1
3. Sky Rider
2. J
1. Den-O anything.

Ultra suits
3.Ultraseven like facial designs . I think they look too out of place to be in Ultraman as they are too boxy.
2. Great. Its Spandex.
1. 80. What stuff did they do to make that thing?

5.Goggle V
4.Battle Fever
2.Bioman/esque suits- First spandex suits, but the helmets are out of place.
1.GoOnger- Too many belts.

Favorites are OOO , BLACK/RX , Shin, Amazon , Faiz and Kiva. I don't mind the others really .

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-Dekaranger. Their mouthpieces are real huge and give them a stupid sorta expression, and the visors are huge and wide and give them this look like an alien from a bad '40s B-movie or something. They seem like early stage designs that never had the right amount of thought put into them.

-The three B-Fighter suits are a friggin' eyesore. It's like someone swung a magnet over a junkyard and they used the random junk it picked up. The stunt-dudes can't even move in them, like at all, so there's never even any cool fights to distract you from the ugliness. B-Fighter Kabuto's designs are much cooler, but their show is much worse.

-Diend, who I can't believe was designed by a paid professional who probably didn't end up demoted. And Decade's power-up...yikes.

-Even though I only watched a couple of episodes, I don't think OOO's thousand hideous designs would have grown on me. And then there's Birth, who looks like the long lost ugly cousin of a Solbrain character.

Mermaid is mostly white, Phoenix is mostly pink.

Mermaid's also the one with a BIG FRIGGING MERMAID on her helmet!!! :laugh:

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Any Sentai with lips on the helmet. Seriously out of place.

BoukenYellow's friggin' shovel.

Ichigo and Nigo. Amazon.

Den-O's ultimate form. It's KR's version of the clusterfvck.

Maki's Greed form. Every time I see it, all I see is a purple Kintaros, and I half expect a pun on "naku".

Vancuria. Most unappealing vampire ever.


-Ryuki Survive Form
-Diend Complete Form
-Gatack Hyper Form
-Gekiranger's main suits
-Ohranger's main suits
-Leangle, a thousand times Leangle (worst toku suit IMO)


gobuster's suits. it looks so wrong. past sentai before them wore spandex but they wear some kind of leather?

I think to count as "never won you over" the show needs to have actually finished.. I mean, we've still only seen a few pictures of them. Personally, I'm in favour of the move away from spandex, I know there's tradition and all, it just looks too old fashioned and cheap now. While watching Gokaiger, there's been a few times I thought their suits would have looked a lot better if they were made from something besides spandex. The jackets at least should have been a different material.

Boukenger is the one I have the biggest problem with.. I loved the show, and I loved the theme, I just don't like their appearance at all.


Complete Forms.
Delta and Orga, especially not that sword.
Shuki from Hibiki and the Riders in the Hibiki movie.
Den-O, every form except New Den-O
Ultimate Rising Kuuga
Kick/Punch Hoppers
Survive Forms, including Knight Survive. I like the simplistic base forms more, they look much more "knight" like compared to Survive mode.
Odin, surprisingly really. It's not bad or anything, but it just never grew on me.
Leangle, I get the concept, but I still don't really like the design.

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