Podcaster Arms!
i just started up this podcast due to to the encouragement of my friends who are tiered of my toku ramblings.

Toku-strike is a podcast about tokusatso and general geekery and as of the creation of this post will be updating twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) though two episodes are already up for your listening pleasure.

each show is around 10 to 15 minuets in length for easy listening!
mainly im posting it here not just for a little exposure i want some advice on how to improve and on topics i can cover so feel free to give some suggestions.

heres the link for you all, enjoy!
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Podcaster Arms!
Toku Strike 016: Toku Please!

A new Toku Strike for all you lovely people
On this episode a big chunk of the latest news hot off the waffle iron and onto the current state of both Mission Sentai Gobusters and Kamen Rider Wizard.
and some important stuff you should check out too!

here are the links of note for this episode!

kamen rider PEZ at
go help these guys, seriously!
or if you prefer go here:
and finally because i did give them a mention:

you can find the episode here or on iTunes

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