Toku DVD Collections: Volume 2

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I find it amusing that the Condorman dvds he sent me are still in customs since the 17th.

Either way, I got Condorman thanks to Kaiju on 2 data discs.

If anyone knows where I can find Lion Maru eps 5-end, pls lemme know.


1972 Kaiksetsu Lion Maru (54 episodes, 9 disc, portuguese dub).

look, at yourself who has placed 9 discs of Kaiketsu Lion maru with Portuguese subtitle. This means that you have received my DVDs

Just send my DVDs in trade guy

I think those are Portuguese dubs only. No Japanese audio, no Portuguese subtitles. I got my hands on disc 1 and for the life of me on any DVD player I have was I able to find/select a different audio track or subtitles of any kind. Which is sort of odd, because all those other Brazilian toku DVDs seem to have at least dual-audio.

Forever Knight

Eye See You
Christ in Heaven.

Bro, I got u on ignore but I'm going to say this again

Ur bullshit scam fucked up, try again next time. I've gotten fucked over by people smarter than you.


Yeah, unfortunatley everything you got I already have.

It says on your want list that your looking for "Any of the Metal Hero movies from Juspion to B-Fighter Kabuto" I offered all of these to you, so you don't want them even though they are on your want list? (Crap I bought them to have something to trade to you)

On post #28 you told me "I still got ur list. I wanna do the trades forsure. I am just swamped as **** with work at the moment. But we WILL definatley do some serious trading that is forsure. "

It's alright if you changed your mind on me. I just really got my hopes up that this would be a sure thing because you told me twice you would be up for the trade "for sure". I've been trying to negotiate a trade with you since 2005, over on Rangerboard (very patiently) and just seems like I always get some excuse from you why your not ready to trade, yet you soon will be. And all 4 emails I sent you all went ignored. Oh well life goes on.

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