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So, awhile back myself a few people from the TVN fourms started a Podcast about Toku, and it has since grown into this!

It is still a little rough, but recently we have shifted gears and are upping our game.

We do reviews on the latest episodes of Kamen Rider, Sentai and Tomica Hero. We also do Vlogs with our thoughts (Ok, so far, it's only been me), Toy reviews and more.

So, if you want, check out our Youtube channel! (Link also in sig)
Just to keep you guys informed of whats going on, ill update this thread whenever we get a new vid on the channel.

New up, Rescue Fire 43 Reivew:

any feedback is welcome.
New review by a new contributor!
Shinkenger 48:
Toy review time!
ROTF Voyager Bludgeon Transformer.
New review!
Rescue Fire 44.

New review!
W 21


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