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Does anyone have any news on the Attack on Titan movie? Since the anime ended, I haven't really followed up with the updates.I see different trailers on YouTube and even mentions on how the movie will be a "live action" - adding tanks and other extras that I didn't think I see on the anime itself. But I did find this trailer made by Universal Studios Japan:
Maybe live action won't be all that bad but the risk of ruining the whole anime for the fans if the movie turned out bad or not meet a certain level of expectation. Much better if they simply stuck with 4D animation like it was shown on the trailer. So, thoughts?


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Er... it looked like a Toy Commercial. The manga/anime look has some "grungy" visuals. The characters in the trailer look like they've been polished with an anti-dirt oil. It could work, though. I'll give it a chance.


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hope i'm not late (well actually i must look terribly late) but the movie should actually be released this summer. oh, and also, the anime hasn't ended- there's a second season coming sometime next year, although nobody's quite sure when- leave it to hajime isayama for that cookie. :)

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I do not know if I should be elated with that news. The first movie was okay but there were a lot of deviations. It's a whole lot different from the plot of the original manga story line. I was disappointed with it, though the cinematography was indeed laudable and everyone did their best to act like their characters. The second movie's all right. Still, the plot deviations were too much for me since I'm a sucker for canon.

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