Titanium morpher.

As usual, my thread on Rangerboard goes unheard.
So i'm passing my offers onto you guys.
Here's a good old PWLSR Titanium morpher.
Near mint condition, no major dings or scratches. Sounds work perfectly and it looks great!


Sorry the pics are from my Rangerboard acc, ha.
If you need anymore pictures or just want proof that it is actually mine, feel free to contact me and i'll hit you up with more pics.

Judge Faiz

I am the law
His last activity was 6/30/2011. Doubtfull he's going to see the post. Best bet would to try to find him on RangerBoard and see if he's more active over there.

Also punting to the correct forum.


New Member
Hey, JudgeFaiz -

Is there any chance of archiving the really old sale threads? Maybe that might tamp down on the thread necros.

Judge Faiz

I am the law
Threads are always going to be necro'd. Especially for how many years the board has been running. It'd just be too much work for such a miniscule benefit.

The up-side is, the type of sales threads that get necro'd are these exact threads. By people who either made one post and are never seen again, or haven't been seen for years and year.

Best thing to do is just ignore them and they'll float back down to the depths of the pages again.

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