Titanic 666 is an original presentation from Tubi. Yes, a horror version of Titanic is real. I thought nothing would be worst than that early 2000s animated movie with talking rats. But yeah, we will have a ghost ship version based on a real-life tragedy with 1500 victims that is now adapted into a horror movie.
Here is the plot according to the producers:
An exact replica of the TITANIC makes its maiden voyage traveling the same course as the doomed ocean liner in 1912. Upon reaching the site of the original wreck, dark forces begin to terrorize the ship and threaten to repeat one of history’s greatest disasters.
Titanic 666 Trailer

Jack Dawson is a fictional character, but there might be a Leonardo Dicaprio look-alike ghoul in the movie. The ship in the film is a replica of The Titanic. A shipping line wanted to make history, so it had an all-female crew because they want to look progressive. However, All it does in the movie is increase female body count.
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I don't even need to watch the full movie to know it is is going to be terrible. They disrespected the victims of a tragedy with thousands of victims. The premise along is very tasteless. Tubi should stick on syndicating old shows.


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OK. I'm willing to go with the all female crew in the name of progress. I can work with that. But a ghost Titanic ship? I agree with scores on Rotten Tomatoes and I usually don't agree them. LOL.


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My Heart will not go on with this one. Just like what Rose did to the Heart of the Ocean..... I want to throw the People behind this film to the ocean. They think this is a good idea?

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