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Mar 8, 2011
Planning. So many fics aren't even a story but rather a jumble of words or just go on forever without even progressing with the actual plot. So sit down, plan what will happen in each chapter, and how the characters predominantly feel in each chapter. Remember that chapters in of itself are like paragraphs; they are there to form a large, yet single, point.

Agreed. It's much easier to plan out an entire story out first than write a story chapter by chapter. I've always had the unfortunate problem of letting a story die because I've run out of ideas to use. Although it will inevitably take much longer, it will allow you to make the story flow together smoothly.

Also keep in mind that you're writing for other people to understand so try to elaborate on the details. Write with an ending in mind.

Also, you need to write a lot. People tend to get better the more they write. Try to put flaws into all of your characters, make them seem more realistic and less perfect. It will be easier for people to sympathize with imperfect characters rather than perfect ones.

Also, try to make something that interests you. I've let too many fics die because I looked at one and asked myself: 'What was I thinking? Why would I even want to write this?'

Hope that helps! :)
May 19, 2009
Try to make it like the show, if the show is light hearted, make it a light hearted fanfic. If it's a dark show, make the story dark, it helps give the story the same feeling as the show.

Try to make the fic canon to the show... think of a place you want the fanfic to take place, then make sure everything around it fits into the story...

For example, my story, "Loss of Blood and oil" takes place before Abarangers with Tyranno on Dino earth, as he mentions in the show the Evorian killed his daughter and wife, which the story tells about

Now ocs, as anyone would tell you are tricky, which in fact they are...

to make the story canon to the show, you would need to write your OC off by the end, by ends of killing him, making him leave the city, he decides that he shouldn't be a hero, but someone else...

You shouldn't make your OC better than the main character of the show... seriously, someone more Godlike than Tendou?
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Dec 22, 2010
I'm the exact opposite of Allio when it comes to fanfics. If you're gonna do it, then do it right! I personally take everything apart, insert my own ideas and characters,take out what I don't want, and then put it back together in a unique and entertaining way. Am I saying Allio's method is lesser then mine? No, it is just his way of doing things (His brand of Kung Fu if you will). For instance I am currently in the process of Combining concepts from Kamen Rider Hibiki, Suite! Pretty Cure, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Ninpu Sentai Huuricaneger, and Kamen Rier Kiva into a single, functional world. It ain't east, but it is alot of fun to try and work it all out. Many concepts work the same, but the characters are my own OC useing powers from the series in a world where most of the heroes are aware of one another and even work together at some points. Don't be afraid to tear apart your barriers, shake things up, and pull out the peices you want to use while mixing them with your own ideas!!!

Half the time you will end up with a mess of unconected ideas, but the other half of the time you will find a very unique and fun story to play with.

That is me though...I like to make puzzles out of my stories while still allowing the reader to keep up. You do need an open mind though...least you get lost forever in the maze of the concept...

To that end this sort of story need, as Iota says, planning. Lots and lots of prep work. So many lists...
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Jun 20, 2010

I prefer figuring things out on my own, so a lot of what I do is trial and error- yet I still mess up on a regular basis. Even though I don't like going back & redoing things unless it's a pet project or I really think it's going to do something for me, I'n always nitpicking at things & trying to figure out how I can better plan the next one or how I can write better in the future.

Also, as ZZ says, I really like creating a "maze" of writing to throw people off & to do so, you need planning.

But I will add one more thing- no matter how hard you plan, you can't always avoid messing up or running across scenes/ dialogue that doesn't work, which is why you musn't get overly attached to anything (one of the biggest snares of any & all writers, I might add) to the point where you become rigid in it. Allow things to flow as naturally as possible and if something you innitially planned out isn't working, don't be afraid to change things to better suit the story, rather than just working around it & hoping it'll eventually fit in.
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Mar 16, 2006
I won't recommend planning though. there's a possibility you might end up wanting to change a lot of things along the way. since this is about tips on writing fanfics and not how to become a professional writer, I'd say let things work its way naturally. go out and explore. you might find inspiration in everything that's happening around you. :)